What Does 'Wealth' Mean to You?

Client Centered

Our idea of your 'wealth' is very comprehensive. We include all your existing assets to see how they are working (or not working) together. It's an important conversation to see what you've accumulated so far, your intention in owning each asset, how they are performing, and should changes be made going forward. 

You may have real estate, rental properties, 401(k) accounts or other retirement savings, annuities, stocks and other investments. Maybe there's a possible inheritance, or a future sale of a business. These should all be brought together into a plan that is easy to understand, and then modify as needed over time. 

To anticipate future liquidity needs, I also include any personal or business owned life insurance contracts that may have significant cash values, and perhaps millions of dollars in death benefits.

I cannot understand how some competitors call themselves wealth management firms, without integrating all the assets that constitute your wealth. Can you?