Technology You Can Actually Use and Understand!

You may be reading this from your home office, laptop, tablet or phone. Mobile computing has changed the workplace, and cloud computing is eliminating the need for expensive overhead and infrastructure. 

We use state-of-the-art computing and planning capabilities, and you benefit from my doing the bulk of investment analysis and recommendations myself. If I utilized para-planners or investment model portfolios, you would not receive my very best insights, creativity and comprehensive solutions for your unique circumstances.

Our Tech Tools Deliver Real Value.

Of course, our technology tools will evolve over time. However, today, we are able to help you in many ways by:

  • Keeping track of my personal contacts with you, including meetings and discussions regarding your changing needs over time.
  • Reviewing your account(s) with you and trading investments as needed.
  • Viewing your holdings to track individual investment performances and review the aggregate asset allocation of all your accounts combined.
  • Proactively contacting you if a suitable investment fits your needs
  • Assessing your current holdings, and ongoing performance reviews utilizing analytic tools such as Morningstar Adviser Workstation.
  • Developing your financial plan with the leading software in the financial planning industry, Moneyguidepro.
  • Spread sheeting life insurance products, and ordering policy performance review audits of your existing contracts.
  • Accessing estate and advanced planning resources with local estate, business and tax-planning attorneys as well as local CPAs.

If it's usually better to have hands-on, locally grown and produced products from people you know, why should the management of your wealth and financial planning be any different?