Financial Planning

I've selected MoneyGuidePro as our financial planning software to help clients with advisory accounts plan for their futures. This is a 'goals-based' program, not a 'cash-flow' based program. This simply means that you can focus on your needs, wants and wishes, not your retirement  'number'. The plan will show you the likelihood of your success over your lifetime. That's a little simplified, but there are great analytics to model all the 'what-ifs' that you may encounter in the future. I can help ensure that you make the most appropriate moves to stay on track over time.

Importantly, this is a web-based program that is always live and pulls in current account balances when you log-in. This applies not only to your accounts held here, but also securely links in your outside accounts (such as other brokerage / bank accounts and 401(k) balances). This is a good way to stay up to date and balance all your financial resources with your goals for retirement. 

For clients enrolled in MoneyGuidePro, there is a link to MoneyGuidePro under the 'Client Log In' tab on our website. If you are not set up for this additional service we offer, you can click on the video link below to learn more about this industry leading financial planning tool.