Fiduciary Services Put Client Interests First

Our Process

As an independent firm, we have unique advantages that most large firms cannot offer. There are no proprietary products or research that may create conflicts of interest. And by not having to service thousands of households, we can enjoy closer working relationship with our clients.

Our History

Sometimes a traditional brokerage account where I buy and sell stocks, ETFs or other investments with a commission is adequate for some clients. For others, a fee-based arrangement delivers a higher level of honesty, transparency and value. It's like having us on a retainer as your financial advocate. 

Our Values

If you would simply like fee-based advice or an independent review of your existing portfolio, we can do that. This frees us both from awkward  discussions that hinge on product sales. It's refreshingly honest.

For example, if you need a second opinion on an account held elsewhere, and I provide a detailed analysis and make portfolio recommendations, you may simply pay a fee for that work and use my results as you wish. If you like my work, and choose to transfer your account, some or all of the fee would be waived. 

Our Resources

Its simple, clean and honest - the way I like to do business at Paradise Valley Wealth Management., Inc.