We Simplify Account Transfers and Consolidation

Brokerage and managed accounts are supervised by our independent broker/dealer, Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.. Brokerage and advisory accounts trade, clear, and are held by Pershing, LLC, the industry’s largest clearing firm. As of 11/1/2018, Pershing, a BNY Mellon company, had over $1.8 trillion in global client assets.

Custody of Mutual Funds, variable annuities and life insurance policies with cash values are held the respective companies.

It's easy to transfer your existing accounts to us.

We can help you save time and effort in the transfer of existing retirement, brokerage, or directly-held accounts from their current custodian (such as a former employer 401(k), bank, trust company or brokerage house). 

It makes a lot of sense to consolidate your assets.

Consolidating accounts not only simplifies, but reduces multiple custodial and other fees that may be lowering your overall rates of return. If you have accounts that have been neglected for years, we can integrate them so you can see exactly how everything is working together for you.